Brooding Skies in New Mexico
Brooding skies in New Mexico. Celia Luz
Photography, Fine Arts, Retouching
White Sands, NM
White Sands National Monument is one of my favorite places to visit in New Mexico. Despite its history with the Manhattan Project, it is full of magic and awe inspiring beauty. This mini series is from an over night camping trip I took with another photographer friend, Danna Singer. These are some of the best shots from that weekend in July 2014.
Art Direction, Fine Arts, Photography
15 Minutes in Juarez, Mexico
I got to spend 15 minutes in Juarez, Mexico in July of 2014. I walked over from El Paso, TX with a friend. Never have I been to a place that felt so much like a ghost town while people were still living in it. This is my documentation of how it felt to be there.
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Digital Photography
Unfinished Castle: Crumbling Walls of Santa Fe, NM.
Photography, Fine Arts, Retouching
The Santa Fe Rail Yard District
Photography, Fine Arts, Retouching
Portrait Photography: Anna Yarrow
About A Girl explores the playfulness of a woman who has just rediscovered herself. It's about innocence, love, self expression, warmth and Summer - through focusing on details of her body language and movements.
Photography, Art Direction, Fine Arts
Apricot Blossoms
The short life of a Spring Blossom.
Photography, Editing
Scottish Rites Temple, Santa Fe, NM.
Simply Santa Fe Instameet 2015
Photography, Retouching, Fine Arts
Self Portrait
Photography, Digital Art, Editing
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