RAW: Come Undone
Baths have become my sanctuary. I am not an Artist, Model, Wife, Or Mom, In that water. That all washes away. All that’s left is a Woman. A series that examines my need to reclaim myself after having had a child in 2015. I am at my rawest state. This is me.
Photography, Art Direction, Fine Arts
The Commute & The Commuter
My aim with these pictures was to capture the emotional gamut that runs through the average commuter in NYC. Celia Luz 2017
Photography, Fine Arts, Retouching
Studies of Light and Shadow
Studies I have been working on this year in my new home; full of skylights.
Photography, Fine Arts, Retouching
Every Drop Counts
We must save water; our most precious resource. Celia Luz
Photography, Fine Arts, Retouching
Photography, Fine Arts, Retouching
Truchas, New Mexico
A day spent in Truchas, NM.
Photography, Editing
Perspectives of an Only Child
Capturing the curiosity, innocence and loneliness of my sons childhood.
Photography, Editing, Fine Arts
Coney Island Gentrified
I grew up in and around Coney Island, Brooklyn. This is just a small part of my perspective on everyday life here.
Art Direction, Photography, Retouching
BROOKLYN: Home Sweet Home
Welcome to my Brooklyn.
Photography, Editing, Fine Arts
Danna Singer - My Mentor at Work
A mini series that was born of a trip I took with my mentor, Danna Singer, to White Sands, NM. July 2014
Art Direction, Photography, Retouching
Art Direction, Photography, Retouching
Body Against the Landscape - Portrait
Tiffany Griffin, a NYC Rockette, and I have been friends for a few years. This is our first collaboration. I took her to four locations and asked her to just do what she felt in relation to each environment. This is stage one of the results. I am still in the process of finalizing my textures and edits. In the end, these will be printed on paper or canvas and acrylic paint will be added.
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Photography
Spacial Relationships
This is the beginning of a series that explores spacial relations, communication and form.
Photography, Creative Direction, Retouching
Jeremy - Portrait
These photos capture a day with Jeremy, a very good friend of mine who later took his life.
Art Direction, Photography, Retouching
Tent Rocks: Lines and Curvature
Black and White photographs of Tent Rocks with a focus on lines and curvature of the rock. Nikon D5000. For prints, message me. Thank you.
Photography, Art Direction, Fine Arts
Tent Rocks, NM
Tent Rocks, New Mexico.
Art Direction, Photography, Retouching
Devon - Portrait
Devon is a teenager that I have photographed a few times through her high school career.
Art Direction, Photography, Retouching
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