b. 1983
Brooklyn, New York
Celia Luz grew up in the Marlboro Projects, just outside Coney Island. She was introduced to art at an early age by her father, an abstract painter. Her influences came from the Marvel Universe and illustration became the hobby that kept her off the streets. At age 9, she won a competition where her artwork was chosen for a group show at the Brooklyn Museum. She further pursued her passion by taking every art elective offered in both middle school and high school. Education is of great value to her as she was the first in her family to graduate from high school, and used this as a springboard out of the projects. She attended the School of Visual Arts where she studied Cartooning and Illustration. Financial hardship prevented her from attending beyond the first year, but in this time she took her first painting and story boarding classes. This was the beginning of a 10 year transition that would lead to the photography-based mixed media pieces she produces today.  She has since volunteered and worked with artists specializing in a variety of mediums. One of those collaborations led to her co-facilitating a workshop on how to print photos on glass. "From that point on, any intention of taking a photograph simply to frame it was left behind. I started to rethink my ideas of what makes a photograph a work of art." 
Group Exhibitions
Mixed Media - DISPATCH, Strangers Collective, Las Vegas, NM
Mixed Media - DISPATCH, Strangers Collective at Art.i.Fact, Santa Fe, NM
Mixed Media - MIXTAPE, Eldorado Hotel, Santa Fe, NM
Mixed Media - Around The World, Drury Plaza Hotel, Santa Fe, NM
Mixed Media -  Axle Contemporary at The Peters Projects, Santa Fe, NM      
Photography - Gallery 502, Santa Fe, NM           
Mixed Media - Casa de Oz, Santa Fe, NM
Painting - Factory 13, Santa Fe, NM
Photography - AUTOPHOTOGRAPHY, Axle Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM                                      
Painting - 2nd Street Brewery, Santa Fe, NM                                            
Paintings - Ima Glass Studio, Santa Fe, NM 

Photography - Ima Glass Studio, Santa Fe, NM                                           
Photography - Ima Glass Studio, Santa Fe, NM                                            
Sculpture - Santa Fe Community College, NM                                            
Works on paper - School of Visual Arts, New York, NY 
Paintings - 169 Gallery, New York, NY 
Mixed Media - Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY

Solo Exhibitions
2014 - Mixed Media - INSECTUAL, Warehouse 21, Santa Fe, NM 
2013 - Painting - Counter Culture, Santa Fe, NM 
Mixed Media - Counter Culture, Santa Fe, NM 
Paintings - Louie's Cafe, Santa Fe, NM 

2016 Adobe Creative Jam Winner, Best Smartphone Photo & Best Photo
AUTOPHOTOGRAPHY: Self Portraits by New Mexico Photographers, by Axle Contemporary

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