Ceci n'est pas un Foodie.
Our American society is over-saturated with processed foods. As a Mother and an Artist, I'm a huge Farm to Table advocate. Everyone has a different opinion about what real food is. Celia Luz
Creative Direction, Fine Arts, Retouching
Blue prints and prototypes for OUR KIND, a one of a kind comic book.
Photography, Print Design, Editing
Tears for Fears
Photography, Digital Art, Fine Arts
Soy Boriqua
Today, June 11, 2017, was the 60th Puerto Rican Day Parade in NYC. For those of you that haven't caught on, I am #PuertoRican. Both of my parents are first generation #Nuyoricans. Being Puerto Rican means/has a lot to do with who I am today. My drive, my creativity, my love of food, music and dancing - all derive from my ethnicity. I have always been denied this, or questioned, because I do not fit into the stereotype of what people believe a Puerto Rican looks like; what they believe a Spanish speaking person looks like. I have always had to stand up for who I am and how I identify culturally. This #selfie deeply reflects how I feel, stripped of color, vibrance and luminosity, as I have always been defined by the color of my skin and not for who I really am and where I come from. Soy Boriqua.
Photography, Fine Arts, Retouching
Con Text
A personal project that explores the cons to texting emoji's and how they take away from connection and language out of context. Each photograph's title is the text message that went along with the emoji presented. Ongoing. Please check back for more.
Photography, Fine Arts, Retouching
Adobe Creative Jam Santa Fe
I was asked to participate in the 2016 Creative Jam Santa Fe. I won the People's Choice Smartphone and Best Photo categories. Our theme was "The Space Between".
Photography, Digital Photography, Editing
Photography, Digital Art, Retouching
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